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Dr.  Ashish Vashistha

Dr. Ashish Vashistha

MBBS, MS, FNBE (MAS), Head Department of Surgery Senior Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon

20 Years Experience

Dr. Vashistha is a renowned senior Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon in India with over 20 years....

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat


Ex Attending Consultant Nayati Hospital - Mathura UP Ex Attending Consultant Max Healthcare Patparganj - Delhi Ex Attending Professor Sharda Hospital Noida Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Surgery - Agra Years Experience

Advanced Laproscopic/ Robotic/ Bariatric/General Surgeon Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Agra

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar


Junior consulatant in Global hospital, mumbai. Fellow in National taiwan university hospital, taiwan. Ex Assistant professor in MGM medical college , Navi Mumbai. Consualtant Laparoscopic surgeon in various nursing hospital in Mumbai. Years Experience

Special Interests - Single port surgery, Advanced laproscopic GI surgery, Thorasic and Oesophageal surgery. Intern (Rotatory posting in all departments) - Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai Resident - Medical officer in Holy family hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. ICU incharge in Siddharth hospital, Goregaon,....

The journey of weight loss is quite challenging and has to be bravely handled. The weight loss surgery is about completing transforming the soul, body and spirit. It takes more than 160 to 300 pounds to lose. Overall, it requires encouragement, emotional tools, nutritious recipes and health information to restore the health and changing the lifestyle. But, to be very frank, it is not that much difficult. With the help of weight loss surgery surgeon doctors in India, one can easily achieve the target of losing weight.

It is important to keep your protein level high while lowering down curb level. Losing the weight is not about dieting; it is about choosing the healthy eating option. It is said that raw vegetable are best, but after weight loss surgery, it is recommend to have steam food. The gas forming vegetable like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cabbage are recommended to be eaten after steaming.

To get the faster results and those who are not able to find any positive effect of dieting goes for the weight loss surgery treatment. There are different types of surgeries available weight loss surgery hospital, depending on various factors.

ü  Restrictive surgery

It basically works by shrinking size of the stomach and minimizing the digestion process. A normal stomach has the capacity to hold around 3 pints of food. After the surgery process, initially it holds an ounce that further increased up to 2 or 3 ounce.

ü  Malabsorptive surgery

It changes the way you consume the food and give a smaller stomach. With this, one can easily remove or bypass the digestive tract and making hard for the body to absorb calories.

ü  Adjustable gastric banding

Most of the weight loss surgery doctors practice this method. It is related to the restrictive weight loss surgery. An inflatable band is introduced inside the stomach that squeezes it into 2 sections. One is a smaller upper pouch and another one is larger lower section. There is a very small channel through which both are connected. Being the simplest method, the result outcome is very fast.

ü  Sleeve Gastrectomy

This surgery is another kind of restrictive weight loss surgery. At the time of surgery, 75% of the stomach is removed and leaving behind is the narrow tube or sleeve that is connected to the intestine. It is a lower risk surgery and suitable for those who are obese.

ü  Gastric bypass surgery

A very common type of surgery, Gastric bypass surgery is a combination of both restrictive and malabsorptive approaches. Generally, it is a way of making a shortcut for the food that bypasses the part of stomach and small intestine. About 50% of the result can be achieved within 6 months.

ü  Maestro rechargeable system

Considered as the best weight loss surgery, it works like a pacemaker. Thus, it delivers the electrical pulses to a nerve present in between stomach and brain known as vagus nerve. The nerve is responsible for conveying the message to the brain that the stomach is full now.

ü  Biliopancreatic diversion

In this, the stomach is removed for about 70% and the small intestine is also bypassed. It is the extreme version of gastric bypass. As this is the fastest method of losing weight, it can also lead to certain medical issues like malnutrition or ulcer.

Have you decided which one in best for you?

You can easily find a weight loss surgeon in India who completes the process depending on the health and body type. If it’s possible, go to the weight loss surgery clinic and discuss with the doctors to know which suits you best with minimum side effects. 

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