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Most of the people among us want to shed that extra fat on the body. Is there any way to prevent obesity Surgery in Mozambique and get the rid from. The research has shown that bringing a change in the physical activity and nutritional behavior can help in removing the fat. Sometimes, it becomes even more difficult to get slim. In those cases, obesity surgery Cost in Mozambique is the best and helps the two hundred pounds person to reduce its size.
If you are always the topic of joke or laugh, then you seriously need help. People affected with the obesity lose their confidence and suffer physically, emotionally and psychologically. Most of the time people overlook this problem and become a victim of embarrassment.

Reason behind the obesity
There is a common belief that obesity is caused by eating excess of food and not doing any physical activity. It is true in a little bit sense and consuming the large amount of energy in the form of fat and sugar can be the result of obesity. This reason is minimal physical activity or else it will store in the body as fat.
Consumption of calories
Calories are the energy value of food that is measured in the units. It is found that the average intake of calories for men is 2500 a day while women need about 2000 calories per day. The gathering of these calories in the body results in occurrence of obesity.
Taking poor diet
Obesity is not the thing that occurs overnight. The process occurs gradually and also affected by the lifestyle and poor diet. This can include eating a high amount of fast food, consuming large amount of alcohol, eating a lot without thinking about the time, eating larger portion than your body needs, having too much of sugary drinks and comfort eating.
Deficient of physical activity
Not doing enough physical activity is another factor that is relates to the obesity. Now, it is the time, which involves desk job that make the people lazy. That is why, it is important to do a proper walking and cycling or physical activity. Your body requires exercise and little exercise can do wonders.
It is not always the food, alcohol or exercise; genetic problem can also result in obesity as it runs in the family. The reason is not very clear, but there are certain genetic traits that are inherited from the parents. In this case, you can contact the Obesity Surgery Clinic in Mozambique and get the right guidance regarding the obesity surgery in Mozambique.
Medical issues
Another reason behind making the people fat is the medical conditions that can contribute in the weight gain. This could be due to underactive thyroid gland, known as hypothyroidism condition and cushion’s syndrome. Hypothyroidism is the condition when the thyroid gland is unable to produce enough amounts of hormones, while Cushing’s syndrome is a very rare disease that occurs due to over production of steroids.
Obesity surgery Surgeon is the best option if you are planning to shed those extra fats from your body. There are various obesity surgery hospitals in Mozambique with whom one can contact and ask for the obesity surgery cost in Mozambique to find out whether it will suit your pocket or not. Surgery is generally considered as a treatment for the patient having a BMI of 40 kg/m2 or greater than this. The surgery is also suitable for those who are suffering from obesity related medical issues like hypertension, glucose tolerance and diabetes mellitus. With the modern advancement, the techniques of surgeries are also developing to get the best results. The choice is yours whether you want treatment to go for obesity surgery or not in Mozambique.

Dr.  Ashish Vashistha

Dr. Ashish Vashistha

MBBS, MS, FNBE (MAS), Head Department of Surgery Senior Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon

20 Years Experience

Dr. Vashistha is a renowned senior Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon in India with over 20 years....

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat


Ex Attending Consultant Nayati Hospital - Mathura UP Ex Attending Consultant Max Healthcare Patparganj - Delhi Ex Attending Professor Sharda Hospital Noida Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Surgery - Agra Years Experience

Advanced Laproscopic/ Robotic/ Bariatric/General Surgeon Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Agra

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar


Junior consulatant in Global hospital, mumbai. Fellow in National taiwan university hospital, taiwan. Ex Assistant professor in MGM medical college , Navi Mumbai. Consualtant Laparoscopic surgeon in various nursing hospital in Mumbai. Years Experience

Special Interests - Single port surgery, Advanced laproscopic GI surgery, Thorasic and Oesophageal surgery. Intern (Rotatory posting in all departments) - Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai Resident - Medical officer in Holy family hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. ICU incharge in Siddharth hospital, Goregaon,....

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