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There are numerous Hernia Surgery surgeons in Cyprus who are appointed in top hospitals and this makes hernia surgery Cyprus as one of the most trusted destination for patients. The surgery can be performed via two methods namely laparoscopic hernia repair surgery and open hernia repair surgery and the latter is slight expensive than the first one. Hernia surgery doctors in Cyprus Cost for the laparoscopic hernia surgery in Cyprus and open surgery Depends on Doctor to Doctor. This is the most common range of hernia surgery cost in Indi which is charged to patients. Rates also might differ depending upon the hernia surgery doctors and their value plus skills and experience in hospitals. One can find numerous options and doctors who are highly experienced with MBBS, MS, DNB, MRCS, and other degrees. However, few of them are skilled for the successful operations. One can go through the records of hernia surgery clinic in Cyprus and find the appropriate and suitable one for them. People can also take advice from their friends and relatives or known doctors recommendations before deciding on a particular doctor. This way one can choose the best hernia surgery in Cyprus for oneself or the loved one. Some people also are in need of Hernia Weight loss surgery and they can easily get the options for both weight loss as well as hernia surgery options in hospitals. It is advised that people who suffer from hernia bear minimum body weight. Otherwise, it would re occur. Hernia Surgery Treatment in Cyprus is performed by high skilled surgeons and consultants in Cyprus in reputed hospitals. One should visit doctor of a painful or noticeable bulge in groin area or on either side of pubic bone is noticed. The bulge can be seen when anyone is standing upright and one can feel it by putting hand over the affected region. Sometimes, hernia may turn red, dark or purple, in such case, one should take immediate medical help. One can present their related queries to the doctor such as the most likely cause of the condition, types of tests to perform, treatments for the same, if surgery is required, how much will be the recovery time and what precautions can be taken for prevention of such condition.
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Dr.  Ashish Vashistha

Dr. Ashish Vashistha

MBBS, MS, FNBE (MAS), Head Department of Surgery Senior Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon

20 Years Experience

Dr. Vashistha is a renowned senior Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon in India with over 20 years....

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat


Ex Attending Consultant Nayati Hospital - Mathura UP Ex Attending Consultant Max Healthcare Patparganj - Delhi Ex Attending Professor Sharda Hospital Noida Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Surgery - Agra Years Experience

Advanced Laproscopic/ Robotic/ Bariatric/General Surgeon Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Agra

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar


Junior consulatant in Global hospital, mumbai. Fellow in National taiwan university hospital, taiwan. Ex Assistant professor in MGM medical college , Navi Mumbai. Consualtant Laparoscopic surgeon in various nursing hospital in Mumbai. Years Experience

Special Interests - Single port surgery, Advanced laproscopic GI surgery, Thorasic and Oesophageal surgery. Intern (Rotatory posting in all departments) - Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai Resident - Medical officer in Holy family hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. ICU incharge in Siddharth hospital, Goregaon,....

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