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Many people suffer from regular stomach or abdomen aches. Mostly, they fail to understand the underlying cause of stomach ache until it becomes severe. Gallstones are responsible for severe aches in stomach which are short or lasting pains and doctors suggest removal of gallbladder through cholecystectomy. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in Romania is (cholecystectomy) which removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts or incisions in the abdomen. Gallstones are caused in the gallbladder which is a small organ located underside of the liver. Gallstones are hard deposits of bile substances that get stuck inside the gallbladder. These can cause nausea, vomiting, bloating and pain. The function of gallbladder is to store biles which are produced by liver and it is a substance responsible for breaking down fats. The gallbladder is then storing extra bile that liver makes and releases it when a meal is taken and fat is consumed. After removing gallbladder, digestion takes place normally but bile won’t be stored along the way in gallbladder. So, people are advised not to consume fatty food in large amounts. So, diet changes have to be made reducing overall fat intake. A badly affected gallbladder is better to remove since it becomes more difficult for the body when it affects surrounded areas. Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery in Romania is available at affordable costs; it gives instant relief to the person from the pain due to blockage. Gallbladder surgery hospital in Romania charges from 55K INR to 65K INR which is the gallbladder surgery cost in Romania. One should refer to the prestigious gallbladder surgery doctors in Romania.
Everywhere, there are some risks associated either it is gallbladder stone surgery in Romania or outside Romania. One has to be careful and opt for reliable gallbladder surgery doctors Romania. There are risks of allergic reaction to anesthesia, excessive bleeding, blood clots, blood vessels damage, heart problems, and pancreatitis, injury to small intestine or bile duct and infection. Gallbladder surgery treatment in Romania can be highly trusted as many renowned clinics are present where talented and experienced doctors are allotted. Gallbladder Surgeon in Romania has deep knowledge and will explain these risks to you prior to operation. If you are one of them who are looking for Gallbladder Stone Removal Surgery in Romania, then you are advised to research nicely about the best gallbladder Surgery Clinic in Romania. By analyzing, research and taking help of the experts you will be able to get the best gallbladder Surgery in Romania.
Gallbladder Stone Laser Treatment in Romania is chosen by most patients who are struggling from frequent abdomen pains. It is suggested to go for thorough check to doctor and help oneself. After most of the gallbladder operations people may leave home after three days. It usually takes around two weeks to perform normal activities. Gallstones are first observed through X-ray or ultrasound. A laparoscopic cholecystectomy is done in one or two hours. Rarely, some may experience side effect after surgery such as tummy pain, diarrhea, indigestion, jaundice and high fever.
Gallbladder surgery Romania is safe and sound and is performed when it is absolute medical necessity. Most of the patients have doubt about the normal functioning after removal of gallbladder. Of course, you can function without a gallbladder. The bile will still be active in the liver and finds its way to small intestine. It is able to remove toxins from the liver. It is just that its function as a regulator will be missing. Some people so not miss this function in their body. So there should be no worries before taking the step for deciding for gallbladder surgery in Romania. It would do you better than harm.

Dr.  Ashish Vashistha

Dr. Ashish Vashistha

MBBS, MS, FNBE (MAS), Head Department of Surgery Senior Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon

20 Years Experience

Dr. Vashistha is a renowned senior Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon in India with over 20 years....

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat


Ex Attending Consultant Nayati Hospital - Mathura UP Ex Attending Consultant Max Healthcare Patparganj - Delhi Ex Attending Professor Sharda Hospital Noida Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Surgery - Agra Years Experience

Advanced Laproscopic/ Robotic/ Bariatric/General Surgeon Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Agra

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar


Junior consulatant in Global hospital, mumbai. Fellow in National taiwan university hospital, taiwan. Ex Assistant professor in MGM medical college , Navi Mumbai. Consualtant Laparoscopic surgeon in various nursing hospital in Mumbai. Years Experience

Special Interests - Single port surgery, Advanced laproscopic GI surgery, Thorasic and Oesophageal surgery. Intern (Rotatory posting in all departments) - Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai Resident - Medical officer in Holy family hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. ICU incharge in Siddharth hospital, Goregaon,....

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