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In older times the word Diabetes was alien. But with the gush of technology, the human body was left with a less physical activity which resulted in the increase of sugar in the body. That is when diabetes came into the picture. But from last decade the scenario has turned up horrifying, the children of age below 10 are detected with diabetes.
Before penetrating out eyes into diabetes, let us first know about insulin.

Insulin (The important hormone):
When food enters the body and glucose is generated, it starts to circulate in the body. This, in turn, signals the Beta cells in Pancreas to release Insulin. Well, insulin is a hormone that works as a bridge through which the glucose enters the blood cells, through which they gain energy. When the insulin is released, it goes to each cell of the body which needs energy(glucose).
The human body needs only one teaspoon of glucose to function its cells. So, what happens when the sugar level rises to more than 32 teaspoons? Yes, an average person intakes about 32 teaspoons of sugar. Now, this excess glucose is stored in the lungs and muscles in form of glycogen chain. And if still excess, then it is stored as fat in the gut. The glucose absorbs protein and potassium which is required by the body and circulates to the organs.

What is Diabetes?
When the cells, need the energy, they send signals to the pancreas to release insulin, the insulin is secreted. But on the other hand, the cell is unable to connect with the insulin and get glucose. This is when the glucose is constantly increasing as the starving cells demand the energy, and pancreas keeps on releasing it, resulting in a great hike of blood sugar. This rise of sugar damages the brain, cause blood pressure, kidney damage, and low energy. Till the date no reasons are found for the cause of diabetes.

Type of Diabetes and Surgery:
Type 1 Diabetes: This diabetes directly attacks the beta cells in the pancreas which unable to create insulin. This results in improper absorption of glucose by cells. As insulin is called the key to inject the energy into the cells, the external insulin is required to be injected into the body twice or thrice a day. Weight loss, the excess amount of thirst, genital itchiness and feeling tired are the symptoms to this.
Treatment: As the insulin is degraded in the pancreas, it is to be poured externally into the body. The insulin can either be injected by 'Insulin Pen' or it can also be given by an 'Insulin Pump'.
Type 2 Diabetes: It is when there is a metabolic disorder which stops the cells to use the insulin present in the body, is called Type 2. This causes the sugar level in the blood to rise which is called Hyperglycaemia. This increased amount of sugar gets stored in lungs, muscles and thereafter as fat in the gut. The energy stored in the body gets no way to be utilized and hence the excess amount of sugar starts to damage the organs from within.
Treatment: It can be treated if detected at the early stage with the help of undertaking exercise, intake of proper diet, keeping an eye on Blood glucose level, and by taking medications (Metformin, Sulphonylureas). And if it moves on to extreme level then injecting insulin or weight loss surgery has to be performed. Weight loss surgery, Bariatric, is carried out at various hospitals in Tonga which cost up to 5 lacks. The weight loss surgery is performed by the expert surgeons. The weight loss surgery helps to have a hand on diabetes up to a greater extent. You can find us more words such as Diabetes Surgery in Tonga, Best Diabetes Surgeon in Tonga, Cost of Diabetes Surgery in Tonga, Top Diabetes Surgeon in Tonga, Best Diabetes Surgery Hospital in Tonga, Diabetes Surgery Cost in Tonga, Diabetes Surgery for Diabetes in Tonga, Diabetes Surgery in Tonga Cost, Diabetes Surgery Doctor in Tonga, Diabetes Surgery Consultants in Tonga, Robotic Diabetes Surgery in Tonga, Top 10 Diabetes Surgeon in Tonga, Surgery for Diabetes Type 1 in Tonga, Surgery for Diabetes Type 2 in Tonga, Diabetes Sleeve Surgery in Tonga and Doctor for Diabetes Surgery in Tonga.

Dr.  Ashish Vashistha

Dr. Ashish Vashistha

MBBS, MS, FNBE (MAS), Head Department of Surgery Senior Consultant Laparoscopic & Bariatic (Obesity) Surgeon

20 Years Experience

Dr. Vashistha is a renowned senior Bariatric and advanced Laparoscopic surgeon in India with over 20 years....

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat

Dr. Dr. Karan Rawat


Ex Attending Consultant Nayati Hospital - Mathura UP Ex Attending Consultant Max Healthcare Patparganj - Delhi Ex Attending Professor Sharda Hospital Noida Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Surgery - Agra Years Experience

Advanced Laproscopic/ Robotic/ Bariatric/General Surgeon Safe Surgery Center Civil Lines Agra

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar

Dr. Dr Ankit Potdar


Junior consulatant in Global hospital, mumbai. Fellow in National taiwan university hospital, taiwan. Ex Assistant professor in MGM medical college , Navi Mumbai. Consualtant Laparoscopic surgeon in various nursing hospital in Mumbai. Years Experience

Special Interests - Single port surgery, Advanced laproscopic GI surgery, Thorasic and Oesophageal surgery. Intern (Rotatory posting in all departments) - Bhatia Hospital, Tardeo, Mumbai Resident - Medical officer in Holy family hospital, Bandra, Mumbai. ICU incharge in Siddharth hospital, Goregaon,....

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